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Professional Search Engine Optimisation Consultants

We take control of your Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our role is three fold, to develop your social profile, promote your brand and get traffic.
This service is a powerful addition our link packages.
Social Media Optimisation
AdWords can cost you an absolute fortune in a small amount of time. We jump right into the account and review every keyword for it's ROI. It is our primary goal to lower your costs and increase your site conversions.
Google AdWords Management (PPC)
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Google Search Engine, AdWords and Social Media Optimization Experts

Step 1: Select a Package

Choose between our Basic, Advanced or Professional level link packages. All of these packages are Google Penguin and Panda Safe.

Step 2: Select Extensions

We also offer Social Media Managament (SMM) and Google AdWords Management (PPC) as powerful add-on services for SEO.

Step 3: Get Results

We guarantee to improve your rankings within 3 months and always aim for page 1, all of our packages have a 3 month minimum duration.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

£499 p/m

7 Day Free Trial!

Search Engine Optimisation is our core speciality and has been for over 6 years. More details below:

Search Engine Optimisation Overview

We don't have a set service per client as all clients needs are different. What we do to counter this is review every aspect of your websites SEO, if something needs to be done, all of the below are aspects that we cover:

  • Back-link Audit/ Removal of Bad Back-links
  • Full HTML/ CMS Review
  • Page Optimisation
  • Professional Link Building Service
  • SEO Strategy Planning
Advanced Keywords Research

The keywords research takes around one week to complete and is absolutely pivotal to any campaigns success. By selecting Keywords sloppily, we could rank #1 for a pointless keywords or enter a highly competitive field with 0% chance of success, heavy research is key.

On- Page Optimsation

In my experience, the difference between position 5 and position 1 on Google has been through tweaking on-page factors. On-Page SEO is important because it helps search engines understand what your website is about much better, the better a search engine understands what your website is about, the higher it will be.

Professional Link Building Strategy

Organic Google search rankings can mean the difference between success and failure online.  The backbone behind a websites placement in the search engines is the pursuit of quality links from other websites. In order to deliver the best results, I go out and seek links from high-powered sites that are relevant to the website, checking their backlink profile thoroughly.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Each week on Monday morning you will receive a search engine ranking report and a weekly traffic/ competitive summary. At the start of each month, you will receive a far more in-depth monthly traffic and SERP report.

Skype Support

We find emails to be clunky and often the back and forth can take a few days for a problem that can take a few minutes, while you are welcome to email, we prefer to communicate on Skype.

Social Media Management (SMM)

£249 p/m

7 Day Free Trial!

Social Media is a powerful tool for any business and also boosts natural SEO. More details below:

Social Media Management Overview

SEO has developed far beyond simple link building and content generation, for the past few years, social media has become more and more important to a websites development in search engines. There have been countless experiments in the SEO world which has shown time and time again that social signals are taken into account when determining a websites ranking.

The purpose of social media management is to engage with potential clients, build a solid group of followers and ultimately to get your content shared through social media. Likes, Follow, Re-Tweets, +1’s, they all count towards showing search engines that your website delivers good, readable content that people wa. I have even made a fair amount of return through social media and I have helped many businesses do the same.

Google AdWords Management (PPC)

£249 p/m

7 Day Free Trial!

Google AdWords can quickly cost huge amounts, we can improve your ROI. More details below:

Google AdWords Management Overview

The most important aspect is your ROI when it comes to AdWords, we will fully review your account keywords, CTR and CPC. Being highly experienced in keywords research, we are able to suggest alternative keywords. We will review your account on a monthly basis, our goal is to provide you with a lower cost and higher conversion rates.

The Ultimate Affordable White Label Search Engine Optimisation

Now Accepting SEO Re-Sellers, Simply Purchase a Package and Select 'Re-Seller'. Simple!

So, What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation: everyone knows what SEO stands for, but how many really understand what it’s all about? In the simplest terms, it’s about getting noticed and is a kind of marketing tool. But instead of marketing directly to customers, it’s marketing to the search engines, and the success of your website and therefore your business depends on it. Good SEO means high placement on search engine results pages (SERP), good SERP positioning mean high volumes of click through and that means more customers. Marketing to customers is all about getting their attention and their approval. The aim of SEO is to get the attention of Google, Yahoo and the like to stand out as a highly relevant, good quality website and thus obtain a high SERP position. Just like customers, search engines are looking for something. The key to success is knowing what that something is. Search engines are configured to look for elements defined by the engineers, and if your website doesn't match their requirements it won’t get a good ranking. Worse still, if it tries to cheat the system, it could get a demotion that may take months to recover from.

In considering how SEO works, it helps to remember the single objective of search engines: to find the most relevant search results for their customers. The business model of search engines only works if customers trust them to deliver the most relevant results for their searches. SEO naturally goes hand in hand with delivering a good service to customers. If you frequently publish high quality, unique content on your website, you are providing a useful service to your customers as well as contributing to a high ranking. But blogging and adding content are not enough on their own. In order for a website to be successful, your SEO campaign will also need to incorporate many other factors such as keyword selection, good descriptive titles and considered link building.

Why do you need SEO?

With an estimated 1 billion websites on the internet today, making your site stand out from the crowd is more difficult than ever before. Optimising your website for search engines will bring two benefits. Firstly, an effective SEO programme will produce a high ranking, preferably on the first page of the results pages, therefore reaching more customers. Secondly, the SEO work undertaken will make your website of greater interest to customers, encouraging return visits and increased sales as you add new content - whether in the form of a news feed, blog or videos - refine existing content, and ensure that everything on your website is high quality and unique. SEO works because, when it is done well, it obliges you to make your website customer-focused. Search engines look for a number of elements. “Thin” pages, with little or low quality content or duplicate content, are viewed unfavorably by search engines, and are likely to be filtered out.

Why should you invest in SEO?

SEO requires specialist IT expertise and a full understanding of how the continually changing algorithms of the search engines work. You wouldn't entrust your latest billboard campaign to the enthusiastic but amateur photographer in your team. Neither should you entrust your SEO to someone who has read a SEO for Dummies book or attended a half-day course in SEO. It’s time to call in the experts. Marketing experts understand people, they understand how they feel, what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes. Similarly SEO experts understand how search engines work, what they are looking for, their likes and dislikes.

Google algorithms are updated frequently to ensure that search results are as relevant as possible to the customer and to avoid the irrelevant sites gaining an undeserved high ranking. The search engines use tools to combat spam sites indexing, also known as black hat SEO, where sites use poor SEO methods including placing high volume, low quality links in an attempt to boost the apparent popularity of the site and gain higher rankings. The search engines will spot this and respond by demoting the offenders.

Of course the quality of the SEO campaign is critical to its success. It is essential to invest in high quality or white hat SEO and accept that it may take a few months rather than a few days to get first page results. With our high quality SEO, the tricks and shortcuts are avoided in favor of real added value for both your website and your customers. Our SEO professionals will ensure that your website does not fall foul of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms, which are designed to identify and penalize sites using cheats and weak links to make their pages rank more highly than they should. We also understand how to optimise your site for the enhanced intelligence of Hummingbird. We start by familiarizing ourselves with your business, as this helps us to develop an SEO program tailored to your requirements. It is essential for us to understand the type of customers you wish to attract, as this allows us to identify finer details such as which keywords to target. It is also important to identify your objectives for your SEO campaign. You may wish to increase brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales from existing customers, or all of these. Working with keywords might appear straightforward, but is in fact a difficult balancing act. The most popular search terms are naturally those that most businesses compete for, so are inevitably the most difficult to rank well for. We will select keywords that have the right balance in terms of competition and popularity for your business, and will optimise your site to gain high rankings even for the most sought after keywords, where required. We even offer a money back guarantee, so that you are assured of first page rankings.

Investing in SEO will give you a better return on investment than spending on PPC advertising. PPC adverts have lower click through rates and tend to be less trusted by customers than organic listings, with 77% of people ignoring PPC ads and moving straight down to the organic search results. In today’s world, promoting your website through SEO is essential. Let our SEO experts deliver the results you need for your business.